Roof Mold Zapper

New Jersey's Premiere Mold Elimination Service

Zap Away Mold

Mold can grow between roof layers and get into attic space or even worse, into ceiling and walls which have insulation. This can be cured with a simple treatment. There are no chemicals involved at all. You will be AMAZED at how great your home looks. The results are astounding! 

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Pamper Your Home

Don't let unsightly mold defile your beautiful home. Let us come wash away the elements and leave your home looking clean and fresh.

Decks, fences, patios, if you've accumulated dirt, grime, algae and other elements on your home, let us come wash them away!

Old House? No Problem!

Above is an older home. The home owners insurance insisted that a new roof be installed, as it was over run with mold and thought to be unsalvagable. Roof Mold Zapper came to the rescue, with a non-abrasive power washing solution and gave the roof a sparkly sheen.

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